Concerts and events are being pushed back due to coronavirus


photo from wikimedia commons

Maggie McCloskey '24

Due to Corona Virus, all concerts and big events in Colorado have been cancelled. A vaccine is on its way, but at this time concerts wont happen until 2021 at the earliest. According to, these events have been canceled use to the concern over coronavirus transmission. The lack of space and area to social distance allows to the virus to be spread easier and faster. Due to so many cancellations, crowds have been very angry and want their money back. “If a show cannot be rescheduled once the ban on large gatherings has lifted, says AEG, “a refund will be automatically issued to the credit card used to make the purchase within 30 days.”

According to The Know, Denver took the hardest hit, with losses in the metro region estimated at 4,525 jobs and $213.7 million in sales venue— or more than half of all the jobs in the region’s music industry and 25% of its annual sales revenue. As we wait for a vaccine and cases come down, we are able to are some adjustments and more precautions to continue the music world. “Outdoor events will return sooner given the lower risk of transmission of the virus when outdoors due to easier ability to distance, naturally high ventilation and sunlit sanitizing outdoor surfaces.” These simple precaution will hopefully get us one step closer to going back to our normal lives. “Coordinated efforts amongst those in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors will ensure that when it is safe to experience music again— in the venues and at the festivals that Colorado is known for worldwide— the music will still be there.”


Maggie McCloskey