Music legend Paul McCartney continues to weigh in on social political topics


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Salvador Ramos ‘24

McCartney stated on the 19th of December 2020, that he wants people to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  He then declared that he will be getting his vaccine the same day.

Paul McCartney said the internet allowed so-called antivaxxers’ misleading messages to take hold.

“I will (have the vaccine), and I’d like to encourage people to get it too,”  McCartney said. “There used to be anti-vaccine people, that was OK, that was their choice.  But with the internet now these things really take hold and so you do get these people who won’t take it.”

On St. Patrick’s Day Paul McCartney talked about the protest song he wrote “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” including the lyrics:

British soldiers had fired at a crowd of demonstrators and there were deaths. From our point of view, looking at it on the TV news, it was the first time people questioned what we were doing in Ireland,

McCartney has always been outspoken against racism.  From writing the song “Blackbird” to his reaction to the BLM protests, he wants people to be treated equally.

“I want justice for George Floyd’s family, I want justice for all those who have died and suffered. Saying nothing is not an option,“ McCartney said.

McCartney continues to do what he’s done for his entire career, not for the attention or anything like that.

“It wasn’t out of any goody-goody thing; we just thought, ‘Why should you separate black people from white? That’s stupid, isn’t it?”