New One Year Deal Signed by Lewis Hamilton


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Sebastian Solis ‘24

Thirty-five-year-old Lewis Hamilton returns to Mercedes for the 2021 season for $50 million after contract scare. On February 8th, seven-time world champion F1 driver Lewis Hamilton signed a new contract with Mercedes after extensive negotiations between Hamilton and the famed F1 team.

The 2021 season will be the ninth season Hamilton drives for Mercedes and the ninth year under Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal.

Wolff said, “Together, we have decided to extend the sporting relationship for another season and to begin a longer-term project to take the next step in our shared commitment to greater diversity within our sport.”

But with the pandemic and the dumpster fire that was 2020 came complications with negotiations.

“We’ve seen contract negotiations go a long way into January and even February in the past as well in Formula One.” Sky Sports F1’s David Croft said, “I don’t think he wants to quit the sport. I don’t think Mercedes wants to see him quit the sport.”

Another complication with the contract was Hamilton’s demands. Not only was Hamilton demanding a large chunk of money, but he also demanded a “Team-mate veto power” because of a dangerous up and comer in F1.

“Lewis is only afraid of Verstappen. That’s the only driver who scares him. Max is the only one who can dethrone him and Lewis is all too aware of that,” Tom Coronel, a Dutch racing driver, said to reporters.

“Mercedes are still very interested in Verstappen, they don’t make a secret of that,” Coronel added.