Colorado moves forward with COVID-19 vaccinations



Leonardo Osuna ‘24

Colorado keeps working hard to vaccinate residents as 747,855 doses of the vaccine have been administered as of February 6, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Colorado continues with their vaccination efforts as they get ready to start with phase 1B.2 of their plan.

“Here in Colorado, we’re doing everything we can to win the race against time, the race against the virus and its more contagious variants,” Governor Jared Polis told the Coloradoan.

As Colorado moves onto phase 1B.2, they plan to start vaccination for Coloradans from ages 65-69, pre-K-12 educators, and child care workers in licensed child care programs. They also plan to continue the vaccination of state government employees.

“A 20 year old is able to safely learn from home by themselves in a way a 7 year old simply can’t, requiring the presence of a parent simply to do that,” Polis told CBS Denver.

Many teachers are excited about the new changes. They will have the opportunity to be vaccinated earlier in order to teach in person.

“This is a gigantic step toward our longstanding goal of getting our students back into classrooms where the best learning takes place. We call on communities to commit to lowering the spread of Covid-19 by everyone doing the simple stuff like wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and limiting gatherings,” stated Amie Baca-Oehlert, president of the Colorado Education Association (CEA),  to KDVR.

With more phases to go, the pandemic is nearing the end.  “There’s light on the horizon. Every day more and more Coloradans are being vaccinated,” Polis said.