Promising 16 year old soccer player signs a Major League Soccer contract


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16 year old, Ozzie Cisneros, signs a major league soccer contract. Representing South Omaha, Ozzie Cisneros is the freshest face in the MLS. He just signed a professional contract with sporting Kansas City, becoming the fourth youngest player in the MLS club.

“I’m extremely happy to sign a contract with the first team at sporting kc,” Cisneros said. “This has been a dream of mine ever since I first joined the academy and I’m ready to work my hardest for the club.”

This is a very exciting opportunity for Cisneros and he’ll be making the best of it. His family, friends, and even his coach are super excited and are certain he will do great. His youth coach from Omaha, Vicente Luis, had some words to say about this.

“He’s very competitive, trains hard, always trying to develop,” Luis said. “He doesn’t talk much, but once he’s on the field, he’s a different person, trying to score, to give an assist, a pass that nobody else sees, all kinds of stuff that he’s reading technically that nobody else sees.”

Cisneros seems like a promising new athlete and everyone is sure he will do extraordinary. This is a very special moment and it wasn’t easy for him to get this far.

“To be one of the youngest guys in the MLS, what a special moment for him, because he’s made some huge sacrifices,” Jay Mims (coach of Union Omaha) said.

Cisneros is a huge inspiration and his accomplishments prove that. He is a hard worker and a brilliant new star in the MLS.

“I represent South Omaha,” Cisneros said. “I want to be motivation for everyone back home to just know that it’s possible to make your dreams come true. You just gotta work hard for it.”