Top 5 iPad Games to NOT Play During Class

Written by Nick Faber ’18, Tony Gervasini ’18, Patrick Koenigs ’18

5. Geometry Dash – Playing as a geometric shape, you have to jump over other geometric shapes to beat the levels. You’d be in bad shape if you were caught playing this is the halls!

4. Hungry Shark – An animal point-of-view game, you must eat fish to survive. You’d get chewed out for this one!

3. BBTan – A modern cousin of ‘Brick Breaker’ from the 1900’s, you control a ball, trying to rid the screen of boxes. Don’t get boxed in by playing this!

2. MADDEN NFL Football – The OG football game, you can play it as all of your favorite players. Teachers will throw you a demerit if you are caught, so be ready to receive it!

1. Flappy Golf – Much of Regis Jesuit success in State golf tournaments is due to the commitment to the app Flappy Golf. This will drive a wedge between the students and the teachers, so hit a hole-in-one by staying on course.

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