Top 5 Ways to Become Famous

Whether its Soulja Boy, Shia LaBeouf, or Vanilla Ice… everyone at Regis Jesuit High School wants to become famous! You’re in luck, here are five ways you can become famous!

5: Sound cloud- Sick! Ever wanted to drop fire bars over a sick hip hop beat? Soundcloud is the definition of guaranteed fame! If you take up Soundcloud rapping, you are guaranteed a record deal (statistics not proven).

4: Vlogs- Woah! You ever want to share your everyday life with people? Well, Vlogs are the way to go. If you Vlog you are guaranteed to get one thousand subscribers over night! (statistics not proven).

3: Body Building- No way! You want to get ultra beefy and get really famous in the process? Body build! People everywhere can’t get enough of these sick body builders, if you commit to body building, you are guaranteed atlas one million Instagram followers over night (statistics not proven).

2: Painting- Radical! Express your artistic side with painting! If you can draw stick figures, then you can succeed in painting without a doubt. If you work on painting, your snapchat score will go up by at least one trillion!

1: Ravioli- Insanity! Ravioli Ravioli are you ready to succedioli? If so, Ravioli provides the energy for Soundcloud rapping, the nutrients for VLogging, the protein for body building, and the creative power for painting! Eat Ravioli, your net worth will go up by at least 100 yen!

With great responsibility comes great power, so be careful.

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