Top 5 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

By: Graham Foltz & Braden Murphy ’20

Every year, people watch the super bowl on a great  Sunday in February and look forward to the clever, funny, and unique commercials that are screened on television. In past years, Super Bowl commercials have been some of the best, but this year they were nothing too special.

“The commercials this year were not as good as usual but the best of them really popped out,” sophomore Nick Dermer said.

The videos of the top five commercials according to The Washington Post can be found HERE.

OUR TAKE: The top five Super Bowl commercials of the year

  1. Doritos vs. Mountain Dew: ‘Tongue Twisters
  2. Tourism Australia
  3. Tide: ‘It’s a Tide Ad
  4. NFL: ‘Touchdown Celebrations to Come
  5. Amazon: ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice


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