Top 5 Most Viewed Sporting Events

By: Will Laws ’21 and Jackson Overton ’21

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 5. The NBA Finals 

With the help of LeBron James being in the Finals the past seven seasons, ratings have done nothing but go up for the past decade. With Game 7 in 2016 the Warriors vs. Cavaliers it was the first game to reach 30 million viewers in 18 years.

4. College football Playoff

The College Football Playoffs have proven to be much better than the BCS championship format. Even the semifinals have better ratings and more viewers, it attracted 19 million people. The 2016 National Championship between the the Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers was a great game that attracted 26 million fans

3. World Series

The MLB has been suffering from lower ratings, but in 2016 the Cubs and Indians reenergized the baseball community and racked up 40 million viewers, which blew the 2015 Finals out of the water. The 2016 World Series was the most viewed World Series since 1991.

2. The Olympics

The Olympics have always been popular, and family always come together to watch them. The 2012 London games accumulated 31 million viewers and it beat 2008 games with only 27 million viewers. The Summer Olympics have a slightly larger viewing than the Winter Games, but the Winter Games still averaged 23 million viewers.

1. Super Bowl/NFL Playoffs

With the decline in the NFL regular season, doesn’t mean that the Playoffs are not still entertaining. The Super Bowl still averages 112 million viewers each year. People are thinking that the NFL is declining ing in ratings is because of the Patriots, knowing that they will make the Super Bowl, but this is false. the last two most popular Super Bowls have been the Patriots vs. Seahawks, and Giants vs. Patriots in 2012.

Other Peoples Opinions:

What is your favorite sport to watch?

“Ya know, seeing some hockey players risk it for the biscuit, chuckin’ sauce, and seeing Sid the Kid hittin’ back bar dinger’s makes Hockey the best sport to watch eh?”

Colton Timmons ’21

“Football then Basketball, the finals are great and the NCAA is great, but Basketball has too many games and its more fun to watch Football every Sunday.”

Oliver Stern ’21

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