Top 5 Bass Fishing Baits

By: James Brady ’20

If you’re looking to just go out with some buddies and catch some fish, or catch some keepers in a tournament, these are some baits you will want in your tackle box.

1) Swimbait

In almost every body of water, there is a baitfish that the bass will be targeting, and most often, you can catch the bass with a swimbait.

2) Texas Rig

The slow, finesse presentation leaves no bass alone, and bass love to eat crawfish.

3) Crankbait

Again, the crank bait imitates an injured bait fish, and bass will take their opportunities when a bait fish is injured. The 3XD crank bait is a great bait.

4) Jig

The jig allows you to get deep into places like trees and brush where bass love to hang out. As they see the jig drop in front of their faces, they won’t be able to resist. Its weedless ability is also very helpful.

5) Topwater Walking Bait

If you’re looking for a big bass to slam your bait for an exciting strike, use a topwater bait. Often, the bass will jump out of the water to grab the bait.

And remember, “There is no bass fishing without Mountain Dew.” -Seth Feider


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