Top 5 Favored Fortnite Outfits

By: Braden Murphy ’20

Fortnite is the most popular game as of 2018. Many conversations are made from the content within the game such as skins. The skins/outfits in Fortnite are very diverse for the players liking of style. A very popular and opinionated conversation talked about all the time is which outfits are the best. According to some RJHS students, here are their top 5 favorite Fortnite outfits.

James Brady ’20

1) Tomato Head





2) Funk Ops







3) Brite Bomber








4) Love Ranger







5) Yuletide Ranger







Jake Howard ’20

1) Raptor








2) Skull trooper








3) Funk Ops






4) Bunny Brawler








5) Cuddle Team Leader








Jack Carbone ’21

1) Ghoul Trooper









2) Raven







3) Dark Vanguard








4) Love Ranger







5) Funk Ops










“It’s super dope because of the dancing lights.”(James Brady ’20). Out of all the students surveyed the most popular outfit is the Funk Ops. Looking at the results the Funk Ops skin has a couple of reasons why it is favored. The main three characteristics that make this outfit favored are the hippie look, appealing colors, and its rarity. However, the skin is not on everybody’s top five and there is one main reason for that cause. The reason for disliking the skin is because it is easy to spot when playing Battle Royale. Lastly, there are a large variety of top 5 outfits but the Funk Ops was the most popular at RJHS.

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