TOP 5 of Mrs. Muldoon's Teaching Highlights This Year

By: Fiona Deck ’20 and Delaney Howell ’20

Mrs. Muldoon-Weis is a well-loved theology teacher among our students here at Regis Jesuit. She teaches Sophomore and Senior Theology classes and is passionate about students and their relationship with God. Mrs. Muldoon-Weis is also a key part of pastoral activities here at Regis Jesuit. Through her many years of teaching, she has had a wide variety of experiences. Many exciting things have happened in the past year, so we sat down with Mrs. Muldoon-Weis to learn about her top teaching moments.

  • Seniors: “Having seniors become so interested in social justice subjects that they decide to do a real world project is interesting to me.”
  • Sophomores: “Sophomores who have resistance to God and religion end up really liking Jesus and realize that God loves them.”
  • Socratic Seminars: “I enjoyed doing socratic seminars where students did most of the talking and I didn’t. I want to do more of those.”
  • Technology: “I had fun this year learning how to use technology like Kahoot and Weebly… I’m proud of myself for that one.”
  • Laughter: “Anytime I make my students laugh or they make me laugh is a good moment.”


“Mrs. Muldoon is a very kind and caring teacher. I enjoy her class very much,” says sophomore, Emma Fantz.

Grace Miller, sophomore, states “she is a very sweet woman who cares about all of her students.”


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