The First Ever Photo of a Black Hole!

Last week marked a milestone in scientific achievements. From beyond the solar system, a photo of a black hole was released by researchers from six different facilities. The image came from the Event Horizon Telescope which features a shot of the edge of a back hole, aptly named the Event Horizon. The Event Horizon is the “edge” of a black hole where light can no longer escape. Strictly speaking, the Event horizon was only theoretical since no light, time, or radioactivity can escape, there wasn’t any proof it existed until this photo was taken.
This marks a major development and provides physical evidence for the existence of black holes that we have lacked until now. Digital renderings were the only pictures we had prior.


Researchers in Washington, Santiago de Chile,Tokyo, Taipei and Brussels simultaneously released statements after the discovery was announced.
“This major discovery provides visual evidence for the existence of black holes and pushes the boundaries of modern science,” The European Commission said in a statement. The reason this is such a monumental achievement is because no telescope alone we currently have can take a picture of the super massive black holes that are believed to be at the center of all galaxies.
The black hole titled M87 or Messier 87 is located 53 million light-years from earth. Compared to our sun, it is 6.5 billion times bigger. After 25 years of arduous work by scientists across the world, we finally have a picture of a black hole.


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