Sexual Assault Case Takes Trevor Bauer Out of the Game

2020 Cy Young Award Winner’s chance for a power season dashed by new allegations



Los Angeles Dodgers struggled in the playoffs due to a depleted bullpen, falling to the Atlanta Braves in game 6, winning the series 4-2.

Trevor Bauer’s first season with the Los Angeles Dodgers came to an abrupt halt in late June when the pitcher was hit by a sexual assault allegation. Major League Baseball placed the pitcher on a long-term leave, and other teams are questioning whether to give him a contract in the wake of the controversy.

While Bauer has mostly been off social media, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba (his agents) have 1q continued to refute the charges against the pitcher.

“Today Mr. Bauer agreed to extend his administrative leave through the playoffs in a measure of good faith and in an effort to minimize any distraction to the Dodgers organization and his teammates,” Bauer’s co agents, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba wrote.. “He continues to cooperate with the MLB investigation and refute the baseless allegations against him.”

Other Dodgers players are focusing on their current team and how they can turn this season around. The Dodger’s all star first basemen said, “I think we’re going to move forward with the guys we have,”

when questioned on the case during an interview,

Bauer received a lot of hate from fans of his own team.

“Reminder that Trevor Bauer is a walking piece of garbage who should never pitch for MLB again,” one Twitter user said.

Bauer alluded to his tough year in his first Youtube video since early June.“I’m gonna go ride go carts because its the only thing bringing me happiness in these times, He said.”

Bauer was accused of sexual assault by San Diego women claiming that he choked her until she was unconscious and was hitting her during both their first and second sexual encounters.

Bauer claims that he is innocent due to text messages where she said sh wanted “all the pain.” Thus making the pitcher’s argument that it was all consensual.

The case is still ongoing, the most recent court involved thing with Bauer is the supreme judge in L.A. denied the accuser’s request of extension in restraining order.