Wish Week 2023


David and his brother welcomed by the students


Regis Jesuit Wish Week 2023

This year’s Wish Kid was 9-year-old David. His wish was to meet pro Soccer player Lionel Messi. But instead, he spent the week with Regis Jesuit’s servant leadership team prepping for the big pep rally. Servant leadership had a bunch of fun activities for him, including soccer at the stadium and tapping Mr. Alcorn to the wall, as well as fun-themed days throughout the week.

The pep rally kicked off  Thursday, starting with David’s banner-ripping entrance. The stands were packed, all cheering on David. There were many fun games like Mario Cart around the court and Wes and Mario’s burger review. A miracle minute also helped raise a good amount of the wish week fund.

Wish Week is a significant tradition to the Regis Jesuit community, and we need your help next year to go above and beyond. Wish Week comes yearly, and every bracelet or t-shirt you buy helps.