Sophomore Baseball vs. Chaparral 05/09/23

The Sophomore baseball team took on Chaparral on May 9, 2023, at home. It was a cold, windy day in Aurora, Colorado. The Raiders went in 10 and 5, unfortunately the team came out of the game with a loss, to drop to 10 and 6. 

Stands were a’ fillin, balls were a’ flyin, gum was a’ chewin, and seeds were a’ spittin.

Number 5, Jacob Olson ‘26, started off with the first pitch as Jack Manthey ‘26 was catching. As Jacob was pitching, the boys in Chaps dugout were yelling to get in Jacob’s head. Chap got two hits and then Regis got three outs and it was time to bat. Jacob started batting and struck out, then, Sean Cunningham ‘25 was up to bat and ended the inning 0-2.  

The second and third inning did not have much action, in the fourth Chaparral scored 2 more runs making the score 0-4. Jacob stepped up to bat and ended up getting Regis’ first and only hit. He later remarked, “I missed a homerun and it cost us the game.” 

 In the fifth inning Deion Cesario-Scott stepped up to bat and skillfully dodged the ball coming at his head, Chap got two more runs. The score was 1-6 and there were only two more innings to go Jacob got a walk and Chap scored one more run.

The spectators were intense and loud fans were yelling and cheering. The seventh inning started, and it was a tough one. Not much hope was left for the Raiders but Julian Bernosky ‘26 also known fondly by his teammates as “Stix” got a walk making the score 3-7 but Chap had one more run in them. Stix later recalled that, “I played awful.” The game ended with a 3-8 loss. We are proud of you Raiders you’ll get ‘em next time.