RJ JV Volleyball Vs. Legend


Tension couldn’t be higher, in a JV bout between the futures of Regis Jesuit and Legend varsity volleyball. As the two teams faced off cheers reigned down from their respective varsity teams. Nothing could set the mood better for the varsity game. The temperature spiked as the first serve was cast. silence struck the gym as the teams rallied and fought for the first point. Regis struck first setting a theme that would later become apparent.  Eventually Regis won the first set in a difficult first battle.

Regis pushed hard and rode the momentum to start the second set off hot, with big plays from their stars. but Legend wasn’t going to go down as they found Regis’ weak points and inconsistencies. Regis and Legend traded points back and fourth but ultimately Regis was leading. Legend knew they needed to lock in and get some points to win the set. Regis fought hard but wasn’t ready for Legends push and spree of points. The second set was a bounce back set for legend as they trailed barely for most of the set but went on run to make it even 1-1.

Although Legend had everything going for them, they still couldn’t get off to a good start and quickly went down against Regis. Regis had had a hot start but had a problem with their slow finishes. The score might not have looked like it but Regis struggled through the middle of the third set. Then a huge spike gave them the momentum to seal the set.

Legend had their backs against the wall and needed a big streak to close out with a W at the end of the season. But Regis wasn’t having it. it was like a highlight reel every-single-play. Regis racked up point after point, ultimately winning the final set sending Legend JV volleyball packing.