Student Directed Play 2023


The stars of the show Jeren Fredrick and Nicolette Shifrin have a heartfelt moment in the car.

The student-directed play Two Idiots in Cleveland was a hit on Friday, May fifth. Directed by senior Colin Beatty, the story line was well written and improved throughout play practices with students. As the lights dimmed, the audience cheered, and the stage was lit with different colors of light conveying the mood of the play. The play was a blast to watch and the audience erupted with laughter because of the hilarious story line written by Senior Colin Beatty.

Students improved in acting as well as learning from their peers. Director Colin Beatty says, “I have a couple of people in my cast who have never acted before… it’s just really cool to see people I know- people I’ve worked with in some cases and some people who have never acted before- it’s really cool to see how far they’ve come.”

Colin’s play started out as a screen play that later developed into a play on stage. It took him between 5-6 months to write the play, let alone direct it. He was an actor in last year’s student-directed play and has now become the director. He says, “it was weird to be on the other side of things.” However, he was not the only one who worked hard behind the scenes. Junior Ray Contos is the set and build manager.

She says, “Figuring out how to make the sets that are, like, ten feet in the air stable for the actors is pretty difficult.” Ray built a set eleven feet tall for Tarzan the musical this spring and has been doing Regis theatre since her freshman year. She has been set and build manager for two years, maintaining a crucial role in theatre at Regis. It was a tough experience, but in the end, the student directed was another success. Raiders, go support your peers next year!