Two Idiots in Cleveland: A Smashing Success!

The audience starts filling in. The lights dim. Colin Beatty walks out onto the stage, spotlight shining, to deliver the opening speech to emphasize his gratitude to the audience. And with that, the show begins.

For the next hour and forty-five minutes, the actors and technicians participating in the student written and directed Two Idiots in Cleveland would go on to perform for an audience of over 100. The evening was full of laughter and fun times, as the audience was captured in Colin Beatty’s comedic writing and the talented performances of the ten men and women that brought his words to life. With Jaren Frederick ’25 and Nicolette Shiffrin ’24 leading the charge as main characters Mike and Josh, there were many parts of the show in which these two stole the crowd’s attention and made the audience howl in laughter.

The night began with a brief delay for reasons we can only assume to be technical difficulties. When the doors to the show finally opened, the audience flooded into the theater and took their seats. After about 15 minutes of hearing the song 1979 on a loop, the lights went down, and the chatter of the audience ceased. Colin Beatty assumed his position on stage and gave his introductory address. The crowd was sitting on the edge of their seats as they awaited lights up on the stage. From there, the show went on without a hitch as the audience enjoyed events in the show such as Ira Timme ’25 doing his rock-band stoner routine and Ramsey May ’25 getting socked in the face by Jaren Frederick ’25. Overall, the night was a huge success, and Colin Beatty (in total character) said, “Yeah. It was pretty cool”. The audience was much more enthusiastic with their praise. Audience member Braeden Tenney ’25 said, “I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard for so long!”

With that, come see all the new adventures the theatre department will be taking next year to try and outperform this year’s Two Idiots in Cleveland!