ASC’s serve the RJ Community

By Jillian Allison ‘19

September 24, 2018

The Alumni Service Corps  are alumni of Jesuit high schools all around the country who come back to further serve a Jesuit community. They teach the students and volunteer in the community. For this 2018-19 school year, Regis Jesuit has three ASC’s serving our community.

Our three new ASC’s at Regis Jesuit this year are Mr. Jake Bava, Ms. Katrina Ludwig, and Mr. Thomas Martin. Mr. Bava is teaching this year at RJ in the social studies apartment. With a BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi, he hopes to become certified as an Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) . Ms. Ludwig is also in the social studies department this school year. Ms. Ludwig graduated from Saint Louis University in spring of 2018 with a degree in Secondary Education and Social Studies. She is serving a year in the ASC community to further give her thanks for her Jesuit education. Mr. Martin has a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Missouri. He was employed there for three years as a writing tutor. Like former ASC Mr. Garrett Loehr, Mr. Martin also attended Jesuit Rockhurst High School and is grateful to be back in a Jesuit community.

“I loved all my teachers in high school and college and I know I want to be a teacher, so I really want to be able to give back to the kids and work in a Jesuit institution,” Ms. Ludwig said. Some of Ms. Ludwig’s tasks as an ASC include teaching freshman history and working in pastoral. She looks forward to helping out some of our spring sports teams next semester and enjoys helping out at our fall sporting events.

One of Ms. Ludwig’s favorite things about being an ASC is being apart of the Regis Jesuit community. “I really love being friends with the teachers and the students because they care so much about each other and they work hard too, and it’s a lot of fun to be with them. They really give me energy and make my day better.”

Ms. Ludwig is not the only Jesuit alum that wanted to give back- Mr. Garrett Loehr served his year as an ASC in our 2017-2018 school year and continued on to teach in the Regis Jesuit community.

As an ASC, Mr. Loehr was involved in a ton of things around the RJ community. He was teaching almost full time, coaching boys and girls soccer, and was behind the scenes of the Kairos retreats. He tried to attend every sporting event to support his students and their teams. “One of the best parts about being an ASC was that you were kind of forced to do it, but you get the chance to be involved in every part of the school,” Mr. Loehr said.

Mr. Loehr came back to a Jesuit community to serve because he really enojoyed his time at Rockhurst High School and University. “I wanted to show my thankfulness by serving people. Being an ASC was just a chance to be open to growth and to be open to whatever comes to me. I was put in an awesome place to do that.” Mr. Loehr effectively emulates one of the qualities of a Graduate at Graduation by being Open to Growth, even after his year serving our Regis Jesuit community.

AURORA, CO – Regis Jesuit HS