Good Eats: El Taco de Mexico

Sydney Cross-Watts ‘20

    This segment will be pictures and reviews of foods and restaurants I have visited in not only in Colorado but in other states as well.

     The first restaurant I am reviewing is El Taco De Mexico. El Taco de Mexico is a family owned, women ran restaurant located on Santa Fe. Impeccable staff, flawless food, and ready to order meals have lead this restaurant to be one of the top Mexican restaurants in Denver Metro Area since 1985. They have been awarded Best Mexican Restaurant by the Westword for many years.

When going to this restaurant I try to choose a time when they are not busy but, that’s almost never. I take a seat at the yellow counter and one of their lovely staff members asks me what I would like to drink. From their many drink options I choose an Horchata. For those who do not know, that is a delicious cinnamon rice milk. With their menu ranging from tamales to menudo, I choose what they’re known for…tacos. The most difficult task is choosing the type of tacos to order. Today I chose the taco plate with one steak and two pastor tacos. A taco plate comes with their rice and creamy cheese sprinkled beans.

Overall, with the spectacular food, great service, and good prices make this your next stop when looking for delicious Mexican food.