Cover Up: Your Empathy Is Showing

by Maddie Merritt ’16

“Cover up, your empathy is showing,” my brother says to me. Shut up Tom,
You don’t know my story.
A plethora of other colorful words flit through my brain,

But one lands and, Decides to stick


Such a cliche little word,
I think,
But important nonetheless.

We were built on the foundation of love.
It’s the silent melody that wafts through the crowded and clamoring streets, Filled with judgement,

Its a soft whisper
Constantly trying to tear apart the hate, Mend the sick,
Help the dying, and,
Love the sinners.
Agapic love is all we need,
Pure love not bound by hatred or greed.

Cover up,
Your empathy is showing.

Money, Riches, Power, Fear.

Driving the human race to the brink of extinction

But for what?
We like it.
A steady flow of material things,
Giving us wings to fly above those less fortunate.

We hide our empathy, Because it shows weakness. It shows
But who cares,
We’re above that, right?

The spiritual have figure it out,
So why can’t we.
They know right from wrong,
And have taken time to learn,
That being in a persons shoes, shows strength; Not ignorance.

We are all just different stages of levels and lines
And the ones that hide empathy are the lowest of the low, It’s not their fault though, they just need time
To grow.

So throw your “cover up your empathy” into the air, It’s not welcome here.
I demand to be me,
Who I was born to be.

Not a measurement of wealth, or power, or significance, But of love.

Pure agapic love that forever recedes before us, While we swindle others out of bargains,
The new sweet deals.

Let’s return to our roots, Show empathy and love,
And be tough for each other, For something greater than us.