The Top Moves of NBA Trade Deadline 2018

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The NBA trade deadline was an action-packed day full of much anticipation, excitement, and most of all, questions. The last couple days have been filled with a large amount of trade rumors, and now that is over, we look back at the top moves.

Lakers Receive: PG Isaiah Thomas; PF/C Channing Frye; 1st Round Pick; SG Rodney Hood; PG George Hill

Cavaliers Receive: PG/SG Jordan Clarkson; PF Larry Nance Jr.

Jazz Receive: SF Jae Crowder; PG Derrick Rose

Kings Receive: SF Joe Johnson; SG Iman Shumpert

Heat: Dwyane Wade

One word goes through mind after looking at these major trades, WOW! The struggling Cleveland Cavs officially decided to get rid of the 5′ 9″ monster Isaiah Thomas who has not produced so far this season for the Cavaliers in the starting point guard role. Not only that, but they decided to basically strip their entire bench and start with a brand new slate. The Cavs needed “cultural” changes according to general manger Kobe Altman, who has really been active in his new role as Cavalier’s GM. The main difference that is being experimented upon are the new young acquisitions. George Hill and Rodney Hood are the only players who have been in the playoffs.