A Digital Pioneer: Senior Sean Clare and Esports

Jackson Dean

His fingers dance across the keyboard, their swift movements look like a blur, yet each motion is calculated and intentional. RJ Senior, Sean Clare, cofounder of the RJ E-Sports Club, sits in front of a glowing monitor after school, leading a digital assault on a line of tanks, advancing towards the other members of the E-Sports club.

“We really enjoy video games, and we really wanted to get into the competitive scene, but because we weren’t that social and didn’t have that good of a social net with our friends in the school, we didn’t really have enough people around us to start a team. So we decided to start a club as a way of us to connect to each other and play games together,” says Sean Clare.

The E-Sports club at regis is one of the most active extracurricular groups, having meetings at school every Friday, and online student organized meetings even more frequently. At school, the club generally plays party games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart and sometimes even War Thunder, while at home they often play games like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and League of Legends together. Despite being a senior and seeing his graduation approaching, Sean thinks that his club is going strong enough to continue even after its senior leadership has left.

“I think it’ll be able to fuel itself, the people there want to be there, and I think it’s finally caught on to people at school that this is actually a place you can go to and a real club,” notes Sean.

One of the many reasons for this is simply how much fun it is to participate in Sean’s club. The members all play a plethora of competitive online games each and playing those games together just makes it more enjoyable for everyone. All of the clubs members are nice people, they all are willing to help teach and play with new members, the club is always open to visitors and new members, even if they don’t know or play any of the games in the club.

“I think when we first started not a lot of people had heard about it, but now we’ve kinda got that critical mass where people are telling their friends and they’re telling their friends and that means the club is gonna keep on going for years to come,” Sean says.

Sean Clare is an astoundingly smart senior, that balances competitive E-Sports, sports, other extracurricular actives, and School all at once. He has left a big impact on Regis, and will be missed after graduation.