Pushing His Team Above And Beyond, Nick Ringhofer

Nick Ringhofer, a junior at Regis Jesuit High School, reveals the true embodiment of team sports. His third year as a varsity athlete, his skill as an attack is arguably the best in the state. Outside of Regis, Nick competes in a variety of tournaments. Bringing not only his school team to success, but also his club group, he is constantly honing his talents. A state champion, Nick is attempting to win state 2 years in a row. With 2 goals and 2 assists against Kent Denver, he is an essential part of the winning machine that is Regis Jesuit Lacrosse. As he approaches his senior year, he desires to take himself to the next level, college lacrosse. Anders Erickson, an attack who plays along side Nick, and a college lacrosse commitment, says “He is a great player, and he definitely has the skill and dedication to play college.”

What Nick does on the field, he translates to the classroom. A first honors student, he understands the importance of academics. While he may have the potential to play college lacrosse, academics are what really shine after college and in the real world. As he studies in the hallway, Nick told me “Lacrosse may be my passion, but school is my responsibility, and I have to work hard so I can continue to play and be successful.”

Lacrosse has not only been a passion, but a way of living for Nick. He feels lacrosse is the bond by which many of his friendships came to be. Nick says “without lacrosse, I wouldn’t know a lot of my friends and have the experiences that make me who I am.” How team sports shape life is revealed within Nick and his group of friends.

Furthermore, according to various medical studies, team sports increase the brains ability to cooperate with and rely on others. An important skill, Nick applies this to academics on a daily basis. In projects, homework, and tests, he feels more confident as a result of feeling more comfortable to ask his teachers for help. He says “lacrosse helped me learn how to ask others for help, while others feel pride in never asking questions, because on the field you cant win a game if you don’t pass, you need to cooperate with your team mates.”

At Regis Jesuit High School, team athletics only further the brotherhood. Varsity groups participate in activities such as “team bonding” to bring the players closer together in the hope that they will work better with one another. “Trust”, Ringhofer says, is the only way to win, “you have to trust yourself and your team mates to play their part”. As they approach the state championship, Nick stresses the importance of reliability even more. And next weekend, he and his team will be put to the test as they strive for a double state championship. Nick only has one other thing to say concerning this, and that is “lets go Raiders!”