MAX ROZE by Hunter Verity ’19

Inside The Music Career of MAX ROZE

Hunter Verity '19, Journalist

Sitting in front of his computer, and turning on the speakers, Max Roze gets down to business.

As a producer of Electronic Music, also known as EDM, Max has many years of experience within his field. When asked about his passion for his music, Max stated that,” I feel it is impactful for me and many other people, and I just like the way it makes me feel.”

Max has been producing his music for about 2-3 years now, and started in 8th grade when his dad got him music production software. Ever since then, Max has been hooked. Using Ableton Live software installed on his computer, and producing within his own home on his computer. His equipment consists of his MacBook Pro, 2 studio monitors, and some headphones. If you ever see Max away from school, expect to see him in his music studio.

With bold plans for the future of his music career, school is his medium through which he will achieve his dream. Academically, Max plans to go to Berkley college of music, one of the best colleges for producing music in the country. On his own, Max will continue to produce music and further increase his potential in the EDM field.

Max’s motivation for making music was his passion for other people’s music. Feeling inspired by the music that others make, Max himself wants to inspire people with his own music. He described his passion for his music saying,”I get passion from my music from the way that I feel it makes other people feel. It’s pretty cool to see how your music can affect other people, and playing it for other people has been the most fun part about producing music.

As a student of Regis Jesuit High School, Max is one of many other EDM artists determined to pursue a career. However, Max is more than a simple amateur, his previous years of experience making music will only compound in the years to come. In time, Max aspires to spread a positive message through his music and contribute to the EDM industry, to even excel past his own aspirations.

Max himself left off by remarking,”I want to take this all the way, so 20 years from now this is what I want to be doing.”

Hunter Verity
MAX ROZE Outside Downtown