RJ Students Hear a New Beat of School Spirit


Through the screams of excitement erupting from the RJ student section, you can make out their accompaniment: the newly created St. Kaggwa Drumline. During the most intense moments of the game when everyone’s hearts are beating loudly, the fiercest beats you hear come from these drummers, who keep the rhythm of enthusiasm alive in the crowd.
Dr. Leann He, Regis Jesuit music teacher, brought together a group of seven students to start a new tradition. They wanted to pay homage to St. Andrew Kaggwa, a Ugandan Catholic martyr who served as a bandmaster for 15 other drummers. She decided to establish the brand-new drumline in his name. Having taken part in her school’s pit band and drumline as a high schooler, she couldn’t help but spread the joy from her experiences with the current Regis Jesuit students.

“When I was in high school, I loved being part of the drumline because it was the most fun place to be on a Friday,” said Dr. He. “[It is] just one of my fondest memories. I really wanted to bring that fun culture to Regis.”
After Dr. He’s intensive drumline camp over the summer, students like Isabelle Zuick ‘24 were prepared and excited to play in the drumline in front of the crowds at Regis Jesuit football games. For Zuick, it was especially cool having missed opportunities like this during hybrid learning.

“The game was definitely a blast, and it was great to get a feel of a Regis Jesuit football game, as well as playing for one when we couldn’t get that experience last year,” she said.

Freshman Andrew Bilyeu ‘25 already had some experience with the snare drum but was excited to get to play with other students at school events.

“Drumline has been a fantastic experience,” he said. “I would recommend it to anyone who even has a remote interest in learning.”

The first varsity football game was only the opening act for the St. Kaggwa drumline, who’ve been heard performing during lunches, at the fall music festival and homecoming pep rally, and even at other schools bringing the red and white school spirit with them.

Dr. He and the group of students hope that the drumline will grow into a full marching band, playing more live performances at even more school events. They encourage all students to join if the beats of the drumline move them.
If you are interested in contributing to school spirit through this exciting new club, please contact Dr. He for more information.