Mr. Jensen Receives Outstanding Teacher Awards

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Mr. Jensen Receives Outstanding Teacher Awards

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By Laila Riedell ’21

Our very own Girls Division History teacher, Mr. Gary “Skip” Jensen was recognized for two different awards–the DAR Mount Rosa Chapter Outstanding Teachers Award and the State of Colorado 2018 Outstanding American History Award.

The Daughters of the American Revolution, DAR, is a group of women–businesswoman, mothers, teachers, and retirees–who are dedicated to appreciating history by preserving historical monuments in Colorado, supporting education, giving out scholarships, and much more.

The first award Mr. Jensen received, the DAR Mount Rosa Chapter Outstanding Teachers Award, was given to him by the Mount Rosa Chapter of the DAR, one of the 50+ chapters of the DAR in Colorado.

Among the Colorado Chapters, one overall winner receives the State of Colorado 2018 Outstanding American History Award. This year, that winner was Mr. Jensen.

Mr Jensen was nominated for this award in August of 2017. DAR notified him of this nomination, and he promptly filled out an application that included many letters of recommendation from his colleagues. From there, a select few of Mr. Jensen’s current students were interviewed to see if he met the criteria.

Mr. Jensen says that this is “the best kind of award to get” because his students and colleagues were the ones who recognized his hard work and value as a teacher.

In order to win the award, nominees need at least ten years of teaching American History. Mr. Jensen has been teaching for 48 years, and this year is his 14th year at Regis Jesuit. Nominees also need an obvious love and appreciation for history.

“Mr. Jensen’s dedication to history is very clear in his teaching because he gets so excited to talk about certain things and will always express his interest in what he is teaching,” junior Katherine Lemkau says.

In response to all of this attention, Mr. Jensen says, “Good teachers help other teachers become great.” He says it was all a group effort. Jesen says the support from his colleagues and students is what helped him get to where he is today.

“I’m thrilled Mr. Jensen won these awards! He totally deserves them,” said junior Ava Hill. “Mr. Jensen’s dedication for what he does shines through his excitement. I love watching him passionately explain how various things such as how one president’s actions led to a war or how some farmers revolted against their oppressors because he makes it all so interesting.”

Be sure to give Mr. Jensen the congratulations he deserves when you see him in the halls!

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