Leaders of Tomorrow; RJ welcomes FBLA club

By: Grace Sayers ’19 and Caroline Smith ’19

Weeks of preparation have led to this moment. Business professionals have shared their expertise. Now it is time to show everything they have learned and practiced to the judges. It is competition day for the members of FBLA. Hard working students are about to perform their categories in hopes of placing in the top three to move on to the state competition. The Regis Jesuit FBLA club is eager to see what competitions will bring in their first year.

Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA has been around for 78 years. As well known as Model UN, Mock Trial, or National Honor Society at most high schools, FBLA is the largest student business organization in the world, helping over 230,000 students prepare for careers in business. But Regis Jesuit did not offer this club until this year, when junior Jake Stuart took action to get the club going.

the FBLA club welcomes guest speaker Jack Corrigan, Colorado Rockies KOA radio announcer to speak about his business success on 12/13 

Jake, a very passionate future business leader, reached out to the state advisor for FBLA as well as school administration to express his interest in starting a chapter of the club at Regis. Jake discussed the possibility of starting a business club at Regis with the advisor, since there are no formal business classes and funding would be more difficult being a private school. After finding a moderator, Mr. Brent Bieshaar, and interested students, Jake was successful in starting the club. Mr. Bieshaar owned his own business before coming to Regis, allowing him to help the students interested in a similar career more opportunities to learn about the business world. There are now around 50 members of the codivisional club and it continues to grow. Regis Jesuit has not offered many business courses or clubs, especially for girls, so it is refreshing to see a club that will prepare not only men, but women too, to become business leaders.

FBLA is offered at a middle school, high school, and college levels, helping students of all ages prepare for the world of business. The club at Regis Jesuit is involved with guest business speakers, community service opportunities, and competitions.  The club also takes part in community service as a part of their mission, coordinated by Jake. In doing service, “we are able walk what we talk when we say men and women with and for others,” Mr Bieshaar said. But what makes this club so special is that it is the first business related club offered for both divisions. Girls can learn about being business leaders too.

“Involving both boys and girls in the FBLA club allows us to be in a true work aspect,” Jake said, “as we have opened new doors to integrate business into Regis.”

In the past, the main club that related to students’ future careers in business was Investment Club, which mainly focused on competing by investment skills. Investment club is also only offered in the boys division. However, FBLA sparks a new change in Regis Jesuit’s students, both boys and girls, as Jake has goals for the club’s success.

“[They] develop leadership skills and business knowledge to excel in any career they choose,” Stuart said.

Club leader, Jake Stuart, was inspired by his father to start FBLA, who was in FBLA himself and won several awards. He wanted to start it at Regis because, “Regis has had very few business classes and clubs,” he said, “so I wanted to change that. People around the world are uneducated on important business aspects and to get a head start at a young age is critical.” FBLA provides members with experiences and knowledge of the business world to prepare them for their future careers.

FBLA has been a great addition to Regis Jesuit so far this year by providing new experiences for members and preparing them to be successful in their careers. The club already shows much potential and members are hopeful to see the opportunities it provides and how it will help them as future business leaders.

If you have an interest in becoming a business leader in the future, or just simply want to learn about excelling in your career, join FBLA and start your path to success.