Movie Magic: The Impact of Movies

By Abby Mortinsen ‘19

Movies developed out from an obscure technology into a staple of society. Having a massive impact on the thoughts and feelings of society, they can change the people that we are. Mimicking character attributes is something our brain does naturally. Seeing a hero on the screen that is relatable and lovable causes a need to be like them. Films that present a new perspective change our views.

This means more than just our attitudes and views of society, it can change our behavior as well. VisitBritain estimates the 20% of people who visited the UK in 2001 visited because of watching a movie.

“While it’s clear that films have a wide impact on the world, the impact of a movie can be very personal,” Alex Britti, a future filmmaker says, “My favorite movies also influenced the ways that I live.”

He goes on to speak about how his favorite songs can come from soundtracks and some of his favorite inside jokes come from seeing movies with his friends.

Loving a character helps you love a movie. Part of the impact of a film is that character. Characters we identify with help form our personalities.

“I think that people mimic characters in movies because we want to be like those who we see on the screen,” Britti comments.

Sydney Fillipi, an animation major in college, has very different views. “People like to change who they are and the easiest way is to copy someone,” Fillipi says.

We either change who we are out of admiration of a character or discomfort in ourselves. The impact of movies is both personal and widespread, we mimic our favorite characters and society is changed by new ideas presented in film.

“Movies have taught me things about life that no one else really could,” Fillipi says.

“I think life would be unbelievably boring [without movies],” Britti adds about how films make their impact.

Film is even more personal to Britti and Fillipi because they are making films of their own now.

Britti an avid movie watcher from childhood says, “When I was like three or four my dad would let me stay up late if I watched a classic movies with him and that’s where my love for movies began.”

Movies are more than just something to watch; they are an escape. An escape from the monotonies of regular life, our thoughts and habits, into something more exciting, engaging, or exhilarating.

More than that, they are memories. Not just the plot and characters but the first time going to the movies with your friends, throwing popcorn at a brother during a family movie and staying up late to watch your dad’s favorite movies.