Review Regarding The Netflix Marvel Series’


By: Hector Gomez ’22

Netflix’s Marvel Shows had a short-lived appearance with their recent cancellation, but left fans with a well-developed look at some lesser known Marvel characters. For the most part, the fan base consisted of people that were Marvel even prior to the release of – its first Marvel series – DareDevil. After establishing DareDevil as a high quality series, they expanded with such shows as: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher.

But in my opinion, the Luke Cage series failed to intrigue me enough to finish it. The plotline and general pace of Luke Cage was sluggish, in my opinion. Ultimately, the antagonists felt overly repetitive and lazy.

Iron Fist’s first season was confusing, given its extremely fast and cramped plot. However, it more than redeemed itself in the second season. As for Jessica Jones; the first season started off slow, but became more interesting as I watched. Furthermore, The Punisher showed promise with it’s great plot and character development. So much so in fact, it was one my favorites.

Due to Marvel’s general success, the decision to collaborate them was made; bringing about the Defenders. And let me tell you, it was amazing with it’s clear plot and sufficient groundwork made it a success in my book.

    Overall, Netflix has done a great job taking a dip in the big pond and attempting to adapt the characters that Stan Lee created. The way I see it Daredevil got my #1 spot at 5 stars, then The Punisher at about 4.5 stars, Iron Fist at a solid 4 stars, Jessica Jones at 3.5, and Luke Cage at 2.5. In conclusion, we can all agree that many episodes, over the many shows, left us flabbergasted and our jaws’ dropped. With all the chaos balanced with meaningful and well-scripted conversation, it really made the audience want to see what happened next.