Movies In Quarantine


Photo from Creative Commons.

Lily Jasinowski ‘23

So the life long question that has yet to be answered: which is better, DC or Marvel? COVID has taken away 6 long months that would have decided this. Two new movies about our favorite heroines: Black Widow and Wonder Woman.

When COVID started, production studios and movie theaters were closed down for the protection of others. COVID has had a negative affect on the amount of shows and movies produced and the money made in the office box. Even with COVID levels on the rise, studios have continued to open back up and restart productions.

Despite the threats COVID has, it is better for the productions studios to open back up and continue producing films and shows for viewers.

Ever since the beginning of quarantine, it’s been found out that over 60% of students at Regis spend 1-3 hours per day watching tv shows or movies to cure their boredom. Some people say that having this much screen time is bad for your health, but after 6 months in quarantine, it is easy to rely on the internet to entertain you.

As actors and staff return to the studios, studios have come up with many ways to keep actors and staff safe while filming studios have come up with many ways to keep actors and staff safe while filming. Everyone must keep 6 feet apart when not filming, everyone must have a mask in when not filming(staff are required to keep their masks on completely), and some studios even aren’t doing actual human crowds in films!

Many shows and movies were set to release early spring of 2020 and due to COVID, those shows and movies either got delayed or were canceled all together. Many fans are upset at this development and would like it to change as soon as possible.

It is safe for studios to continue opening back up and continue filming from the precautions studios are taking, the amount of people watching the shows and movies, and the amount of screen time that has been increasing since the start of quarantine. It is better for the studios to open back up and continue producing films despite the threats of COVID.

Spend time with your family and watch some movies with them. Call your friends and ask them what tv series they have been watching recently. Quarantine has been tough for many, and sometimes tv shows and movies seem to be the only way to escape.