Open letter to the Board of Trustees: I learn the ‘Boy Way’

Open letter to the Board of Trustees: I learn the ‘Boy Way’

By: Ellie Scharbach ‘20

Dear Regis Jesuit Board Members,

I see it everyday in our community, the different ways the boy’s and girl’s divisions are taught. There is a boy’s and girl’s way of learning. Sure that may be the fact, but I think that we need to take into consideration that not every girl learns “the girls ways”, and not every boy learns “the boys way.” According to this theory of boys and girls ways, I work more like a guy.

I am in one co-ed class and this is the class where I feel like I learn best. We play more games and have open discussions that are interesting and fun to participate in. I learn through other people. I like to hear the way they think because it gives me different ways of looking at the content.

I think that Regis Jesuit should implement the choice of taking certain co-ed classes. That way, the people who don’t want to take a co-ed class, don’t have to. It should be a choice to be able to chose classes based on the way we feel that we learn best. For me, that is being surrounded by both sexes. I understand that people come to Regis specifically for the separate classes, but for others that just simply isn’t the case. I’m not saying that every single class should be co-ed because I have to admit, I feel very comfortable in my english and math class, which I might not have felt if it were a co-ed class. Rather, we should have more co-ed electives, history classes, and more co-ed language classes.

In addition, this would give us the chance to better our ability to interact with the other sex. This capacity to work with others, of the opposite sex, is imperative as in the real world there is no division such as this. Thus, we have to be comfortable working together with both men and women. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ellie Scharbach ‘20