Is Homework Beneficial for Students?


Homework is something that every student has some sort of opinion on. The thing about them is that they vary so widely that it is hard to find a consensus. These thoughts can range from agreeing with how effective they are to believing that homework does little for students and can even take away from them. 

For example, here at RJ some people may be in favor of homework agreeing with the effectiveness of it like senior Robby Vasquez who says, “I think that homework helps with retention of material and helps for more important things like tests. 

While studies do support some arguments for homework, like homework allowing more time to complete the learning process, according to University of the People. According to them, such a process isn’t always completed during school hours so being able to have homework assists in completing this encouraging more learning and growth.  

This isn’t always agreed upon however, on the other end of the spectrum some students don’t support homework, senior Wyatt Byrne said, “I don’t think homework is a very useful thing to students, I think that it wastes time for people that don’t need it to learn, and it doesn’t provide the support a teacher would in learning something new. 

This isn’t entire false either, a study lead by The New Republic proved that more homework isn’t connected to more academic success and that it has proven negative for students as young as elementary school. 

Byrne’s opinion on time isn’t unique either as University of People has concluded that many students agree that homework takes time away from other responsibilities such as work and extracurricular activities.  

As to where I personally stan on the subject, I am somewhat in between. I do feel that for me homework isn’t beneficial but recognize that this isn’t true for everyone. In an ideal world I feel that homework would be optional and for extra credit even. This way those that need it have access to it and those who don’t have that time free for other responsibilities.  

All in all opinions are just that, opinions. While they can be supported by research and studies the fact remains that opinions are meant to be formed and not pushed onto others. I encourage anyone to take up the argument of whether or not homework is a good thing to have but making informed arguments is just as important as being a part of them.