The Need to be on the Spotlight

By: Thomas Power ‘22

Freshman Cameron Cary peeks through the curtain at the Bellco Theatre and sees 5,000 people. His stomach drops, adrenaline pumps, and his eyes widen.

For the play, Sister Act, the theatre group was at Thescon and got to perform in front of thousands of people at the Bellco Theatre. For Cameron Cary he didn’t have a big part, but it was still one of the most exciting and memorable parts of his career so far.

“I don’t get stage fright but in front of an audience that big I did get an adrenaline rush,” Cary says.

Then it turns to excitement and he’s just performing. Also, being in front of 5,000 people only motivated him more to be in that spot again. He has a need to be on the spotlight as much as possible.

Cam Celebrating in the locker Room.
Credit: Thomas Power ‘22

It all started with Cam’s family introducing him to music, all of them musicians. At the age of a toddler he was already exposed to music and performing. This turned into every lead role in each middle school play.

Now he’s in high school which means more people, which means more talent. He stated, “I didn’t expect to get a lead, there’s so much talent here”. “For Sister Act, I had a pretty small part not a speaking part just singing and dancing.”

Although this was a small part he was still excited to be out there.

Turns out Cam got the lead role in the spring play and might be the only freshman to get a lead role. Cam’s response was very focused on continuing on his career.

“I am hoping that it jumpstarts my career here and other places,” he said. For the spring play Eurydice he plays Orpheus who is Eurydice’s husband. The theatre group would love your support at the play.

Each theatre practice or rehearsal has a routine of steps that are Completed to perfect the play. Cam explained how theirs works, “First ten minutes is messing around and it’s fun, in the beginning we block which is where we learn the scripts and the movements we have to make on stage.”

“Then we run through the Acts and scenes. Repetition to the point where you don’t have to think about it.” In theatre the people in the play or performance really become friends and that chemistry helps them perform the best they can. Cam very clearly said, “There’s something about theatre where we are a family and I don’t know if that’s unique to Regis, but it’s really a special thing.”

As well as theatre Cam has also been taking part in singing at the Performing Arts Center at lunch. It was mainly for him to start building up a career in singing and music as well as acting.

“I wanted to have a career in music so it was a good starting point and now I am trying to sing at public places.” Cam said. There was also some miscommunications. Cam was supposed to have someone else there and he would only sing half of lunch, but the other person didn’t show up and with Cam being Cam, he sang the whole lunch anyway and even let people choose the song he would sing.

Therefore come to the Performing Arts Center when you hear about these performances. There are free cookies and candy to enjoy while watching Cam and others play and sing.

This singing also helped him prepare for real stuff that could come up in his time.

He said “I did have a goal it was to become comfortable singing in front of people.” He was already good at theatre, he just wanted to get good at singing as well, so be on the lookout for Cameron Cary and his work in performing for the rest of his time in high school and beyond.

Lastly go check out Cam’s new album called “Last Year”. It’s available on thirty different platforms including, Apple Music and Spotify