Flik-Fil-A vs. Popeyes


Photograph Courtesy Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Flik Fil A- How does it Stack up to the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

Without a doubt, the Regis Jesuit lunch provider, FLIK, is controversial. Boasting organic ingredients and in-school preparation and cooking, a lunch from FLIK could easily set a student back 8 to 10 dollars (with a drink). So, when the hugely popular Popeye’s chicken sandwich was released last November for only $3.99, students like Tyler Bretaux ‘22 found themselves asking if FLIK could compete. Specifically, they asked if FLIK’s locally famous “FLIK fil A” was a reasonable alternative to the new Popeyes sensation. “I would walk ten miles for that Popeyes sandwich,” Tyler said to me, but would he shuffle through the cafeteria line for Flik fil A? The next time FLIK’s sandwich was for sale, we sat down with both the Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a FLIK fil A sandwich to see how everything stacked up.

First, it’s important to describe exactly what each sandwich is equipped with. The FLIK fil A sandwich meal includes a whole grain bun, spicy breaded chicken patty, and potato wedges. The Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich comes with a buttery brioche bun, spicy Popeyes signature chicken patty, pickles, and spicy mayonnaise. A side and a drink can be thrown in for the low price of $3.00. While both sandwiches are roughly the same size, the Popeyes chicken sandwich seems to come with a much thicker slab of meat. The FLIK fil A chicken is less juicy and is overall a thinner sandwich. It is spicy, however, and doesn’t lack in flavor. However, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is a perfect collage of flavor, with the buttery bun providing an excellent backdrop for the tangy mayonnaise and flawless chicken patty. The chicken is juicy, but also wonderfully crunchy. According to Hudson Ridley, “The sandwich overall is richer, and the ingredients feel higher quality.”  When asked his opinion on the flavor of the sandwich, student Calvin Bartt described it as a “one-way ticket to Flavortown.” I have yet to hear something so enthusiastic directed at FLIK fil A.

With this in mind, there has to be one area where the FLIK fil A beats out Popeyes, right? There must be a justification for the higher price other than the convenience (for seniors) or necessity of purchasing lunch in school. It could be that the FLIK fil A is just healthier, and those extra $2.00 are an investment in a longer life. The FLIK fil A sandwich is less greasy, and the whole wheat bun certainly beats the shiny brioche bun in the nutrition department. Is it worth it? Maybe, but if you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior, you don’t really have a choice.