Are People’s Excuses For Not Wearing Face Masks Valid Enough?


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Reem Arhe ‘24

Face mask are becoming the new normal, but what about the people who choose not to wear them? Are there excuses valid enough? Covid-19 has been here for a year now and many things have changed. We were all introduced to wear face masks to help to the spread of COVID. Many states also have mask mandates in place. You’re not allowed to enter most places without a mask these days, so what’s stopping people from wearing them? I believe people should wear face masks to help to the spread of this disease and protect others around them.

Face masks have been scientifically proven to lessen the spread of COVID. “There is increasing evidence through comparisons of what’s happening in different countries and in different states, in terms of mask usage and mandates, that masks help slow transmission of COVID-19,” Linsey Marr, PhD. When you sneeze or cough, masks block the particles of the sneeze or cough. Protecting the others around you from the particles. Some say that their own respiratory conditions like asthma don’t allow them to wear masks, but evidence show that isn’t really the case, “For people with very mild asthma or well-controlled asthma, it’s probably not going to be an issue,” said Dr. David Stukus, from the Medical Scientific Council for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Face masks not only have been proven for scientific testing and block off particles, they help protect the people you care about. As much as we all wish we could go back to normal I know face masks are big step closer for a “normal”. If more people just wore face masks many of the positive cases could have been prevented. Hopefully next year will be a lot better and everyone will just wear a mask.