Should School Days Begin Later in the Morning?


Photo from Wikipedia Commons

Ella Neiman ‘24

School mornings can be very stressful for parents and their kids. So why not push back the start time to school? Well, many people disagree with doing so because it interferes with activities and work schedules. Everyone has a different opinion, but I think that school should start two to three hours later because studies show that doing so can improve multiple things.

Schools should start later because students have a better chance of improving their sleep, eating a healthier breakfast, and receiving better grades.

If schools start later in the morning, students can get more efficient sleep during the night. Kids and teenagers should get around eight to ten hours of sleep a night. With homework and other things, they tend to stay up later to complete it.

Having a better sleep schedule can lead to a substantial increase in focus and alertness. Students will be more energetic to be around, and they will desire to be at school more. Therefore, beginning school later will increase the overall mood and atmosphere of classrooms. Kids will be in a much better mood, and they will be excited to be in class. Some say that students may stay up even later because of the later start time, but studies show that even if they do choose to stay up later, that they will still get even more sleep than they are used to.

Another reason why school should start later is because it can provide for students to get a healthier and more substantial breakfast before school. Most of the time, kids have to rush out the door and not have the chance to eat breakfast to help them make it through the day. When kids don’t eat breakfast, it can thoroughly impact their work, attention span, attitudes, and grades. So, starting later will provide students to get the sustaining breakfast they need and will be ready to learn.

Some say that even though they get a good breakfast, it still interferes with their parents work schedules. But, parents can find a solution, such as carpooling. Students need to have a good breakfast, and they can do so if schools decide to start later.

The last reason why class should start later is that since students will be getting better sleep and breakfasts, they will have more attention and therefore get better grades and get higher testing scores.

This is a significant aspect of school learning, and if students are unable to focus in school because of sleep and other things, it will impact their grades. Thus, schools need to start later, and doing so will provide their students the ability to focus and study more efficiently.

Some say that students may begin to procrastinate when they have more time, but studies show that procrastination is normal, and they will have more time to get their work done either way. Students may even get double their previous test scores because of the later school days.

Schools everywhere should start later in the day because if they do, students can get better grades, more sleep, and a good breakfast.

Schools typically start around eight in the morning, and that is very early for kids and teenagers. Therefore, schools need to start two or three hours later for kids to accomplish essential tasks. If schools don’t do this, their students will lack many necessary things to have a good school day.

I think this topic is vital, coming from personal experience and people need to change the time schools start, to benefit their students’ health!