Educating Students About Climate Change


Photo from Pixabay

McKenna Ranson

Do you think learning about climate change is important? Climate change is happening faster than ever, mainly due to human activities. I think it would be beneficial if we all had a basic knowledge about climate change. Schools should teach students about climate change, so students can have a good understanding of what is going on on our earth.

“More than 80% of parents in the U.S. support the teaching of climate change”(National public Radio). Most parents want their child to know about climate change and the effects it has on the world.  Students deserve to know about this important topic. If students have a basic knowledge about the truth of climate change they will be able to share what they know with others. That way more people will understand how to take care of earth.

If students know about climate change they will know why it is important to not pollute. Even if just a few students work hard to not pollute the earth it will make a difference in climate change. Even if just a small difference is made by a few students it will help our earth.

Learning about climate change will also help kids to become fully well rounded students. Meaning students have a good knowledge about many different topics. Learning about climate change is just like learning about another science topic, but with climate change it is something that is quickly effecting our home in a negative way.  Right now climate change is completely out of control, and we as humans need to find a way to slow it down. Slowing climate change is basically a team effort, where all humans are a part of one big team. Teaching kids about climate change will make them ready to join the “team of humans” working to slow climate change.

People who do not agree with teaching about climate change in school might say that climate change has always been happening and we do not need to worry about it. People with opposing ideas might also say that we should not waste time in school for climate change. It is true that climate change has always happened, but now climate change is happening faster than ever, and it is out of control. It is really important to teach students about climate change even though it might take up some school time from other subjects. Climate change is a subject that is starting to directly effect us and if we do not control it, it is going to negatively effect future generations.

Schools should add the topic of climate change into their curriculum for students. Climate change is something that is happening everyday, and schools should teach students about it, so that students can have a basic knowledge about climate change. Do you have a basic knowledge of climate change? If not maybe try researching it a little bit, and think about if you think it would be beneficial for students to learn about climate change.