Varsity Girls Basketball Continues to Build on Their Legacy


Another season is in the books for the Raiders! With another championship appearance under their belts, the Regis Girls Varsity Basketball Team haves continued to build onto the programs winning culture. Led by the likes of players such as Avery Vansickle, Samantha Jones, and Jordan Jones the Raiders were able to storm out to 9-0 record. During this lightening fast start to the season, the girls trounce opponents by an average if 37 points and averaged an efficient 63.5 points per game.

Yet if people thought that this season was an easy road to the finals, they would be greatly mistaken. With senior, Jada Moore off to Kansas State and the team’s leading scorer Avery Vansickle still rehabbing from her knee surgery, the team faced with adversity from the start. With Avery out for the first two games of the season, players had to step up and play a bigger role on the team. One player that I saw take that step up and start to lead when the team was Sophmore point guard Savitri Jackson. When asked about how she was able to step up she answered by saying “I was able to grow this year as a leader and player by learning my role on the team and helping others find theirs.” And find that role she did! With her intense defense and quality playmaking, Savitri was able to help the team get back on track.

Once Avery was able to nurse her knee back to full health, this team was firing on all cylinders. With the team healthy they went off winning seven of their next eight. Yet just as things started to get unto rhythm, the team was tasked with another obstacle to over come. As it turns out a couple of nights after playing the Heritage Basketball Team, a player from their team had tested positive for the coronavirus. This meant that both Regis and Heritage had to quarantine for at least two weeks before they were able to resume their schedule. “It was tough being quarantined, but we all stayed in the and kept working…. we were hungry to get back on the court” said junior forward Jordan Jones.

The Raiders worked together to get through their quarantine and that trust in each other showed on the court. The Raider were able to win out for the rest of the rest of the regular season and came into the 5A CHSAA State Tournament. When reflecting back on the teams time after quarantine senior Avery Vansickle said “Trust played a big role in coming together especially after quarantine and being apart from each other. We really focused on just having fun, working hard and letting things fall into place that we couldn’t control.”

Their trust in each other showed to be an integral part to the Raiders deep run into the playoffs. The girls were able to blow past their first three playoff matches winning by scores of 62-25, 74-25, and 69-57. This led them into a semifinals matchup with the number three seeded Grandview Wolves. With many hard fought battles in the past, this game had a lot of hype to live up to.

And that’s exactly what it did. From the opening tip you could feel the intensity in the air. It was a back and forth game from the beginning. The two teams were like heavy weight boxers throwing knockout punches to each other. With 2:55 left in the game, the Raiders led Grandview by 10. Yet over the course of the next two minutes, the Wolves were able to chop it down to a two point lead with only 10 seconds left. With one possession left in the game, Grandview had the chance to tie or take the lead. With time ticking down in the game, Madden Mchugh came up with the biggest play of the game causing a jump ball and giving Regis possession of the ball. With five seconds left in the game Grandview fouled Avery Vansickle giving her a chance to put the game away. In the biggest moment of her high school basketball career, she sank two free throws to give the Raiders a 73-69 lead and win the game!

With the win against Grandview, the girls were off to another state championship game against the Valor Christain Eagles . Yet while they fought hard all game long, the Raiders finished just short of a state title. Even though it wasn’t the outcome they wished for, it was still a historical season. The Raiders were able to finish as Continental League Champions and State Champion Runners Up!

Yet with seniors Samantha Jones and Avery Vansickle heading off to college, the Raiders still have a bright future ahead. When asked about the future, Jordan Jones said, “We’re gonna have a lot of seniors, but a lot of our talent will come from our younger players too. I’m definitely excited for next year with the team and I can’t wait! ” With key players returning and new talent coming in, the Raiders are well on their way to another successful season