A Message to the Earth; RJ Screens ‘The Letter’ in the Z Theatre


On Wednesday April 19th students and faculty gathered in the Z Theater for the viewing of ‘The Letter’. The Laudato Si’ encyclical documentary is a message from Pope Francis to the world about how to care for our common home. Many people received letters on behalf of the Dicastery For Promoting Integral Human Development, to take initiative and discuss how we are going to shape the future of our planet. ‘The letter’ brings awareness to the environmental crisis and its effect it has on people, nature,and the world as a whole.  The film takes you on a journey throughout Rome and includes many powerful experiences and personal stories of how the planet is taking a toll on others. In ‘The Letter’ the Pope says, “ I didn’t understand a thing. It’s so strange. What ecology has to do with evangelization.” These two topics go hand in hand with one another and need to work together in order to create a better world.


  Mr. Russell, who is moderator of the Sustainability Club sponsored the viewing. Russel says, “It’s a great documentary that had a really positive message, and I am glad that more students are able to learn more about it.”


 It was a great opportunity for our community to be informed about what is going on in our world because it doesn’t affect us first hand everyday. 


After the screening we spoke with many viewers on what their biggest take away from the film was. Mrs. Timme who is the moderator of the Environmental Club says, “ The time to act is now, and when we work together and listen to each other carefully and thoughtfully we can build each other up to make a positive change.”


 It’s not  gonna happen overnight but if we start with the little changes, it will lead to a big change.