Trouble In The Bubble 2023 Recap


Black Team watches the championship game.

Last Thursday, April 27th, madness occurred in the bubble. Every year students that attend the aquatic sports class get the opportunity to battle it out, through a water polo match infront of the school.

Classes made their way over to the swimming pool anticipating some trouble in the bubble. The stands were packed as the first match was about to start. This year there was three evenly matched teams including the White Team, Red Team, and Black Team.

The first match was very intense as the underdog White Team upset the Red Team 1-0 with a skipping shot right past goaltender Ridley Soro.

In game two the Red Team swam out of the lanes so The White and Black Team could battle it out. As member of the Black Team, Will Soro states, “It was straight camaraderie out there!” The Black Team wasn’t quite able to put up the same performance as the White Team in game two. The Black Team fell to the White Team 2-0 sending the White Team straight to the championship.

Game three was Red Team against Black Team, winner advances to the championship. In a win or go home situation Red Team was able to handle the pressure and pull out a 3-1 win.

The championship game was a rematch between the Red and White Team. With the Red Team out for revenge students sat in the stands waiting in anticipation.

After a very hard fought match between both teams, Red Team was able to edge pass the White Team scoring a goal and stopping a penalty shot in the final minutes. The final score was 3-2. The Red Team came out victorious in the annual Trouble in the Bubble Tournament.

As The Red Team celebrated and the White Team dried off in despair, and students left the building. Peace in the bubble, once again.