D.C. Lovin’

by Maddie Merritt ’16

Bustling city streets,

The warm smell of coffee.

Businessmen, women, chefs, and architects.

All thrown together into a glittering arrangement of overworked and underpaid realists and dreamers –

And I was one of them.

The crisp fall air like a kiss from an old friend,

Rattling my bones and whipping my hair.

A violin’s calming echo reaches out above the chaotic crowd,

Soothing my ears and warming my heart.

Across the colorful street lies the Marriott,

Where for four whole harmonious days,

Thousands of journalists will gather to talk marketing and market themselves.

The city rejoices in song as more people flock to hear its tune.

A walk through the zoo,

Sitting in stark contrast to the vibrant boroughs nestled around it.

Half past five,

The city lights emerge from their slumber,

Silently greeting the weary traveler,

Worn down by the inexhaustible variety of life.

One day left.

Better make the most of it.

Thomas Jefferson waves his farewell to the departing tourist,

Encouraging them with his hopeful eyes to come again and enjoy his splendor among the cherry blossoms.

Heading home,

The Washington monument pokes its weary head out from the clouds,

Beckoning you back to its narrow streets and reckless drivers.

The greatest city,

Never ceasing to call your name.