RJ STEM Club – Prints in 3D


Within the glass wall of the RJ challenge lab in the Finn Library is a club that most students don’t know much about. The STEM club is a group of Freshmen who operate the 3D printers in the Lab.
The club members in the lab work on many things in there, they design and print things, monitor the printers, and chill out, but “The main focus is to work and use the printers” says Jacob Bechtel.
When printing things from the printers, the STEM club uses many ways to get there files, thingaverse, other design websites, and students own designs. Lots have prints have been student designs. Some members design because it is fun, easy to get the hang of, and they can make anything they want. To promote students to design there own prints they made the cost of a self designed print free, but what about a print you found and want printed.
The price of a print found of the internet is 5 cents per gram and 25 cents per hour. This to be be able to pay for more filament and pieces for the printer . And it might vary by the filament type, but they have most colors you want for your print.
To get a print done, students must enter the print on the que, they need to state the print, your name and email, the filament you would like to use, the file, and you would want to print it yourself or if the club should do it for you. But you have to come up to the library to pay before the print even starts. The STEM club members ca help you with calculations to help you out a little bit.
But the club is also a place where students can hang out, get some work done, play with the 3D pens, and get to know some people.
So if anyone wants to get something printed or learn to use the printers, just stop by during academic support or lunch.