Kendrick Castillo: A Hero


By Coleman Morris ’20

1:50 p.m.

Tuesday May 7, 2019

A normal day, right?

No, it wasn’t, evil had found its way into the world once again.

This image has been shared all around social media to bring awareness of Kendrick’s life and Heroism

Another school shooting.

This time it took place at STEM High School, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

“This time,” this time means that there were others before this. That yet another school had to go through disaster, sadness, pain, suffering, and many more feelings that I can’t even express.

I won’t include any more details, because apparently that doesn’t strike anyone anymore.

The fact that we have to keep saying “another one.”

Why, why do we have to keep seeing innocent people lose their lives, not only in death, but they lose apart of themselves? When these things happen, they change you. Nothing is ever the same.

We can’t let there be another one, not anymore.

Kendrick Castillo.

We know his name now because he is a hero.

He was only eighteen.

Eighteen and he gave his life to protect others.

At that age you have so much of your life ahead of you. But that’s the thing, he didn’t put his life in front, he didn’t think about himself, he thought about the lives of his friends, the lives of people that can now have a life, because he sacrificed himself for the people around him.

That’s a HERO.

No one was surprised of his heroism.

His friends knew who he was.

There is one positive outcome from this horrific, inexcusable, and tragic event; The community coming together.

We need to stick together, that’s what we need to focus on.

Being there for people, even for the little things.

It starts with us, we need to keep pushing for change.

This can’t happen anymore.

Not again.