Lesser Known Clubs offer a Feeling of Community

By Sophia Wirths ‘22

At Regis Jesuit High School, there is a wide variety of clubs covering academics, sports, faith, art, leadership, communication, and service. Clubs like the National Honor Society, FBLA, RJ Media, and Student Council are known all over campus. But they aren’t the only clubs. The rock climbing club and Fiat are just two of these lesser known clubs.

The rock climbing club moderated by Ms. Vela and Ms. Gorman, provides a social opportunity to hang out and climb alongside friends. Freshman Patricia Skaggs who joined at the beginning of this year says  that the club is fun not just because of the activity but also because of the people.

“Everyone helps each other out learning new runs,” she adds, “it’s a good community”.

The club meets every Wednesday at Rock’n and Jam’n after school for a couple hours. Anyone can join the rock climbing club and all skill levels are welcome. 

While the Rock climbing club falls into the sport category, Fait is a religious club. It was started five years ago and is moderated by Ms. Champa.

Their mission is to create a community of sisters where a person can express love to other people and share it with one another. They also talk further about anything they learned in class.

Caroline Smith’19, an alumni of Regis, shares that even after leaving Regis, Fiat still affects her life. 

“I am very close with the sisters I got to know in Fiat” she adds, “through Fiat we were able to be vulnerable with each other and pray with each other.”

Grace Sayers’19 believes that the reason why she grew so close to some of her friends in the club was because they could share their faith openly.

“We helped each other grow and learn,” Sayers says, “and held each other accountable.”

You can find Fiat in GD room 111. To join you can sign up during the activities fair,  contact Ms. Champa, or just show up at a meeting.

Make sure stop by one of these clubs sometime to check them out.