Prom Through Our Eyes

Prom is a staple of the highschool experience. Teenagers across the nation spend months planning the long awaited night. As seniors who had half their highschool experience tarnished by COVID 19, we were excited for a normal prom. Last year, we had a junior prom, but there was a low limited capacity which made it feel awkward and nothing like the prom experience we were expecting. This year was different.

Prior to prom, we did all the things you typically hear of girls doing on prom day. I got eyelash extensions and we both got our nails done. The process of getting ready for the supposed “night of our lives” is always longer than it should be. Any outside viewer would see it as excessive and unnecessary, but for our first real prom and our last prom ever, it was all worth it.

After hours of beautifying ourselves on our own, we each went to a friend’s house to finish the extensive process of getting ready. Shortly following putting on our dresses and touching up our makeup, it was time for pictures and dinner.

Dinner wrapped up and both Kate and I hopped on a party bus set to take us to Prom at Mile High Stadium. I would consider the party bus one of the highlights of the night. We listened to music, danced, and hung out with our closest friends. Many people question whether or not a party bus is worth it. For me, I found that the party bus was a great way to spend time with my friends because at prom we didn’t see each other much since we were off doing our own thing.

Prior to arriving at Prom, I dropped my phone between the seats and the wall of the party bus. It took roughly fifteen minutes to retrieve my phone from behind the seat. Ultimately, we had to open the emergency exit in order to reach it. I ended up walking into Prom at roughly 8:40. I spent most of my time in the mosh pit. When I wasn’t in the mosh pit, I was either outside looking at the field or I was enjoying the free water. I didn’t stay very long because although the dance was fun, there is a point where I am satisfied with the experience and ready to leave. I left right around ten o’clock.

Going into Prom, I had extremely low expectations. I was anticipating a boring night that was preceded by hours of getting ready. By the end of the night though, I had a really good time and I am glad I went. The expectation for Prom to be the best night of someone’s life is not realistic, but it is an enjoyable night that when presented with the opportunity, it’s something worth experiencing.