Students Thoughts on Election Fraud


Ashton Goering, Student

As we draw closer to the end of President Donald Trump’s term as president of the United States of America, some of us still think there is a major problem in our election system. The Trump administration has put forward multiply legal cases to attempt to over turn the election. We asked students of Regis Jesuit what there thoughts were on the election and the fraud that may come with it.
Regis Jesuit student Jacob Gold was willing to share his thoughts and opinions on the election. “Voter fraud would have increase by 100,000% to overturn the election.” Jacob thinks that there is minimal amounts of fraud or mistakes in ballots across the United States. “ If the republicans can overturn this election in a legal way there will be no democratic president nor democratic election ever again.” The election this year was a test of our democracy and our thoughts and actions and will become one of the greatest moments in history.
Jacob was asked about the Trump administration’s legal cases and if he thought the lawyers should be sanctioned. He did not elaborate. Sanctioning lawyers happens when a lawyer writes a legal report based on no factual evidence that they try to make a case out of.
Another student from Regis Brendan Barber shared his thoughts on the matter concerning the election. “ I believe the American people deserve a fair election.” Brendan shared this thought to further elaborate on the issue with our current election. Brendan wants the best for the American people. Christopher Krebs the Director of Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said this was the “Safest and most secure election”. Christopher was promptly fired after he said this.
Brendan further elaborated on the topic of freedom in our democratic election. “Voting is one of the greatest privileges in America. When you take that away you take away apart of our freedom.” Freedom is one of the most important things in our nation today. It separates us form other nations with more corruption and issues. This election was another thing to add to the long list of problems in 2020 and as we near the end the term of President Donald Trump we try to solve what happened in this election.
The new Texas Lawsuit that was written by Donald Trumps legal team was another attempt to overturn the election in key battle ground states. Such as Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania all won by Joe Biden. Texas is suing other states for Election errors and fraud. As we wrap up a crazy year the American people wanted honesty and fairness in our democratic election because for some of us, it is the only voice we have.