Covid’s Affect on Our Minds

source: creative commons

source: creative commons

If you have felt lonely or upset during this new world that covid has brought us, you are not alone. Many peoples lives have been flipped upside down with the new situations this virus is bringing. 


There have been many lockdowns and new rules created due to Covid. People try to adjust to all these new changes, but it can be a difficult time for some. Covid has led to bad mental states and a feeling of loneliness in people. 


Because of Covid and social distancing, teens have been isolated. Stay at home mandates instruct everyone to stay home and refrain from seeing friends and others. When people can’t see their friends or loved ones, it can put people into a dark space in their minds. 


Covid also hit people like a truck. Many people weren’t expecting this virus and all the effects it would have on our world. People were not prepared to have to be isolated and alone for such a long period of time. 


Some say that feeling sad and emotional is a key part of growing up. This doesn’t apply to the Covid era though. There isn’t much people can do to feel better, due to restrictions. People have also said that being prepared for the unknown and dealing with new things is very important. This may be true in some cases, but the unknown has caused mental health downfalls in people, and there isn’t much they can do. 


Covid has brought so many new things into our lives, and it’s hard to know how to react. People are dealing with this in all different ways. Being isolated right now can affect your mental health in a negative way. 


We need to continue to support ourselves and others in this difficult and new world we are living in.