Among Us Attempts Comeback with New Update

Developers leaked info on a new Shapeshifter role to entice former and newer players


Bel Santos Bel

Picture of the average crewmate who now can become an Guardian Angel, Engineer, or Scientist because of the new update.

DJ Williams ‘24

As the numbers of players in the game Among Us dwindles slowly, the Innersloth team is worked on a new feature for the sneaky villain of the game. Introducing the Shapeshifter, a type of imposter that will cause all sorts of confusion an mayhem…

The update recently dropped including 3 other roles besides the shapeshifter. The update wasn’t received well because of many bugs and glitches…

“Among Us please change the rule about not being able to join a game for 45 minutes after you leave,”  twitter user Sizzles begged. “The reason for leaving may not be for getting crewmate role, like I left to join a private game because the public lobby I joined before wasn’t very pleasant and so I left.”

The leaks that showed the shapeshifter were hyped up and questioned a good bit because of the concept itself. The devs tweeted how there would be evidence of the shapeshifter shifting awhile before the update dropped…

Twitter user Flack had this to say about the reveal. “At least there is some type of disadvantage to it because if you could easily just change into someone, you can just into vents making it easy to get someone else voted out.”

The role that has it’s pros and its cons had the community split. The idea of a shapeshifter had been tried before in mods and it was hit with criticism before coming out because of the prior experiences…

“But if someone turns into me and kills, I might get blamed and that’s not fair! ,” Twitter user Ozza claimed.

Though the hype has now gone because of the update already dropped, users before hand had questions for how shapeshifter role in particular work…

“So, if another imposter kills someone while you have the menu up, can you still transform into them as long as you don’t close the menu, or are they locked off immediately?,” Twitter user JoeltheToonParrot asked.”And do you keep the transformation, or do you lose it if the person you’ve become is killed or leaves?“

Though the update is now out and not being received as well as expected, people are now joining in to just come checkout what has become of this new game. Marking a new age for Among Us with some new things to lure in players, things are surely looking up for Innersloth’s game.

“What’s the difference between updates and super updates? PRESENTATION,” Twitter user Masah joked.